Our technical expertise is centered around Web Applications and includes mostly Microsoft and Java technologies. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the technologies our team is proficient at (in bold: the ones we expressly support).

Web applications: server components (application & data)

  • ASP.Net MVC [Microsoft]
  • ASP.Net Webforms [Microsoft]
  • SQL Server [Microsoft]
  • Entity Framework (EF4) [Microsoft]
  • Spring MVC [Java]
  • JSF [Java]
  • Struts [Java]
  • Play framework [Java]

Web applications: front end (browser side)

  • JQuery
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • HTML (et HTML5)

Desktop applications

  • WinForms (cross-plateform) [Microsoft]
  • Qt (cross-platform)
  • Objective C (Mac OS, IPhone, IPad) [Apple]
  • AWT [Java]

Mobiles applications

  • Windows Phone: .net [Microsoft]
  • iOS (iPhone / iPad): .net and MonoTouch [Microsoft, Xamarin]
  • Android (Google): .net and MonoDroid [Microsoft, Xamarin]

Source control / ALM

  • Team Foundation Server [Microsoft]
  • Subversion
  • CVS
  • Git
  • Rational Synergy [IBM]


Oracle, SAP, C/C++, Java, Sybase PowerBuilder, Adobe Flash, Microsoft SilverLight, PHP...


Note: cited technologies may be registered trade marks of their respective owners.