Case Study


As part of their procurement digital transformation, bell deployed the Ivalua expense module for all of its employees.

Streamlining the management of expenses with the Ivalua suite

Bell, one of Canada’s leading telecommunications companies, called on the expertise of OJC Consulting to rethink its largescale expense management system with the implementation of the Ivalua solution.

To allow a fast and efficient validation and reimbursement of expenses, sending the receipts to the system has been made very simple, thanks to an integration with the 1750 scanners placed in the 250 locations of the company, which can be used at any time by any employee. Expenses are validated and allocated following complex and configurable business rules, and are reimbursed directly to the employees (for out-of-pocket expenses) or financial institutions (for Pcards). The whole process relies on highly secured interfaces with financial institutions, ERPs and accounting systems.


Founded in 1880 and headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, BELL has been a major telecommunications company in Canada for 140 years. As part of the Ivalua integration, OJC implemented a global overhaul of the expense management system, with theoretical and technical challenges (such as taking into account the widely common use of corporate credit cards in the company)

Group Challenges

  Manage both out of pocket expenses and Pcard expenses from Visa and Mastercard.

  Need to support a significant number of concurrent users, and numerous types of expenses.

  Enable instant user adoption, with a simple and efficient user interface.

  Manage large volumes of sensitive data (Credit card numbers, bank accounts number, etc).

  Seamless integration with existing ERPs.

  Configurable approval workflow rules.

Benefits & Results

 Smooth go live in 3 waves, 0 critical issues, short normalization period and 100% user satisfaction.

 100% of expenses managed by the platform.

 No maintenance administration required (stand-alone system).

 Better management of commodity sales taxes, bringing better compliance and important savings.

Key success factors

Involvement of the customer at all stages of the project, from design to testing and change management.
Strong methodology based on an iterative cycle of need analysis, prototyping and design.
High technical expertise
allowing to fully leverage the flexibility and capabilities of the Ivalua platform.