Your industry

Bank, insurance and professional services

In your industry, the complexity does not lie in a production or supply chain, but in risk management, control, and regulatory compliance.

And, of course, what is strategic for your development is the satisfaction of the customers who use your services.

Direct spend

Many hidden savings can be found in your indirect purchases:

Basel 3

Optimizing your ratios while respecting certain thresholds: this is the difficult exercise to which each bank must lend itself. This requires very fine management of the activity, and great responsiveness. But Basel III is also an additional requirement for transparency and data consolidation.

Our consultants help you set up or upgrade your reporting solutions to meet these requirements and improve responsiveness, accuracy, and scalability.

Solvency 2

The European "Solvency 2" regulation entered into force on January 1, 2016. All players in the insurance sector must meet requirements pertaining to:

  1. Capital and liquidities, and compliance with certain ratios (similar to Basel III)
  2. Resilience and maintenance of activity
  3. Transparency

OJC Consulting supports you on all of these requirements:

Compliance with ratios essentially requires data consolidation and reporting. Transparency is based on reporting and the communication of information to regulatory bodies and partners. As for resilience, it obviously requires that you have put in place all the appropriate procedures and defined your business recovery plans, but it also has a direct impact on purchasing management:

We offer you the tools to manage your supplier repository and handle these two aspects with ease and serenity.

Management control

We support you in the implementation of reporting tools to manage operating margins and purchasing price variations. We also help you centralize data and consolidate repositories, for example in the event of a merger or acquisition of new entities.