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OJC Consulting supports you in improving your organization, your information systems, and your communication.

We operate in many areas and are specialists in spend management, supply chain, decision-making and management control.

Organization improvement

Your company must adapt to changes in its economic, technical and regulatory context.

We study with you how to consolidate or improve your positions in your value chain, and set up the internal organization and processes allowing you to respond most effectively, and with the greatest flexibility, to the expectations of your customers and partners.

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Information systems

Audit of existing systems

The audit of information systems aims at drawing a precise inventory of the solutions used by your company and to assess the risks or possible improvements of the ecosystem they make.

This audit can be carried out with a view to:

At the end of this audit, we formulate our functional, technical and methodological recommendations through a detailed report.

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Integration and application development

We are experts in systems integration, and can support you in process engineering, solution design, project management and implementation.

Our team of engineers can also design and develop bespoke applications and web portals or mobile applications for your partners and clients.

Spend management

Structuring and digitzing your purchasing function improves the profitability of your business:

The return on investment of such solutions is immediate: in fact the value generated is much greater than the overall cost of setting up the solution. And with cloud solutions like IVALUA, COUPA or CORCENTRIC, activation is very fast and you can start saving as soon as your solution goes live!


OJC provides you with a global communication service:

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