Organization improvement

The success of companies mainly depends on their ability to adapt to changes in the economic, technical and regulatory context.

OJC Consulting supports the development of your organization by helping you identify key objectives and the best means to achieve them.

Organic analysis

Your starting point

Organic analysis consists of studying the system that is your company, or part of your company, in order to precisely map its components (organs), activities, actors and processes. It is generally supplemented by an inventory of the methods and tools used. The result of this analysis makes it possible to grasp at a glance the exact responsibilities of each function of the company, but also to identify any redundancies or functional weaknesses that must be tackled.

Value engineering

Your value strategy

The value of your company is above all the value you bring to your customers. Understanding precisely the position of your organization in its value chain is the initial step of an in-depth analysis that will allow you to:

  • measure the value brought to your customers by your different product or service lines
  • identify opportunities, whether external (change in positioning) or internal (organization), to improve this created value
  • anticipate the impacts that portential changes in the economic context may have on your added value

Process optimization

Your organizational target

We study with you the changes that can be made to your processes in order to improve the following areas:

Transformation plan

Your path to success

Once target processes are defined, we help you establish and implement an efficient and secure transformation plan by: