Solution audits

Are the applications that you have acquired, or that you have developed in-house, well suited to your needs?

Are they being used to the best of their ability?

We study your existing systems by analysing:

This analysis allows us to tell you what actions to take to improve the performance, but also the maintainability, scalability and stability of your systems.

Need analysis

A solid needs analysis is based on an understanding of the objectives, stakes and actors of the project. Thanks to a global approach and a rigorous method, OJC Consulting supports you in the analysis of your business, technical and ergonomic needs and helps you to formalize them with a view to:

Solution advisory

Making the right solution choice can be hard, given the scope of the offer and the complexity of the existing solutions. Our consultants can assist you to:

  • Gather and formalize your needs and requirements
  • Analyse the market and list the suppliers, service providers and integrators to contact
  • Prepare the tenders with selected suppliers and monitor its execution
  • Analyze the answers and build a summary taking into account your evaluation criteria and allowing you to make a reliable and reasoned choice.

We also support you in setting up prototypes and proofs of concepts (POC)to compare the finalist solutions.