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Global Leader in digital supply chain transformation
GEP’s unified approach — encompassing strategy, software and managed services — helps enterprises rapidly build the infrastructure and capabilities required to power high-performance procurement and supply chain organizations.

GEP solutions

GEP is a market-leading provider of SaaS-based procurement software and supply chain management software, with an extensive and rapidly expanding roster of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 customers, who are themselves market leaders in virtually every industry, sector and region.

Intuitive, AI-Powered, Cloud-Native – GEP's technology solutions boost operational efficiency and provide real-time visibility across the entire supply chain. With powerful and comprehensive capabilties, intelligent and beautifully designed interfaces, GEP's software solutions drive transformative performance, create game-changing impact and help enterprises realize unprecedented results, savings and bottom-line growth.

Sectors and references

Having a good understanding of the categories, suppliers and business priorities is critical to achieving rapid time-to-value and maximizing potential savings.

In two decades of field operations, GEP has assembled a global team of highly skilled procurement and supply chain specialists, with hands-on enterprise and consulting experience at leading enterprises worldwide, to provide you with the tools, support and results only an industry veteran can consistently deliver.

GEP solutions have been adopted by a wide range of world leaders in many sectors, including:

GEP's customers include Exxon Mobil for "oil & gas", Valeo for "Automotive", BAYER for "pharma, health & life Sciences", Macy's for "Retail", ...


GEP SMART is the unified procurement-to-payment platform available in the cloud, providing end-to-end spend management, purchasing and procurement functionality.

Designed as an open platform, GEP SMART enables corporate procurement teams to leverage the potential of new and emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, and loT, to achieve truly transformative results.



GEP NEXXE, AI platform for the global supply chain, offering visibility, intelligence and agility. With a central control tower, it manages planning, visibility, collaboration and execution. Powered by GEP MINERVA for forecasting and analysis. Easily integrates with ERP systems. Compatible with GEP SMART™ for complete management from procurement to logistics.



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GEP QUANTUM, the cutting-edge application development platform for agile enterprises. Fueled by AI and advanced data intelligence, it drives innovation across GEP's software suite, including GEP SMART™ and GEP NEXXE.

With GEP QUANTUM, you have the power to create dynamic solutions, embrace emerging tech, and future-proof your operations. By combining AI, data, human expertise, and application development, GEP QUANTUM keeps you at the forefront of innovation.



GEP CLICK, optimize your company's digital transformation. This cloud platform simplifies integration between various systems and platforms, promoting efficiency. Make full use of your technology to improve visibility, gather valuable data and drive growth.

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GEP GREEN is a powerful software suite that addresses urgent environmental and social challenges. It measures and advances ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) progress, aligning with your enterprise's vision. Integrated with GEP SMART and GEP NEXXE, it provides end-to-end visibility and effective ESG performance management.



OJC Consulting helps you get the most out of GEP solutions

OJC Consulting handles all the phases of your project:

OJC Consulting advantages

End-to-end tailored support. Each project is managed by a team of consultants and engineers who are able to design the solution, from business processes to system interfaces, and to configure GEP Smart to fit the client's business and IT.

Reliable and robust methodology. With a proven expertise in project management and a robust methodology, OJC Consulting guarantees that deadlines and budgets are met, as well as clients's regulatory requirements. 

Automated testing platform. The GEP Smart and GEP Nexxe solutions are evolving quickly and gives their customers and partners exceptional freedom and power of configuration. This is why we have developed a test platform dedicated to GEP projects, which reduces the time spent on tests by 70 to 90%, while improving their coverage rate. Read more >>

Custom Modules. Due to our high engineering skillset and our 17 years of experience in procurement, we at OJC are best positioned to help our customer leverage all the value of GEP Quantum, this state-of-the-art low-code platform.

Change Management for your transformation projects. OJC Consulting facilitates the evolution and adoption of your tools and processes, allowing your company to achieve :