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Small and medium enterprises

OJC Consulting provides company managers with a global support in organization, information systems and communication.

Organization and information systems

We advise and support business leaders in building digital transformation strategies, defining organizational processes, selecting and implementing management solutions. Beyond applications, we undertake a global reflection on the contribution of new technologies to your activity and the value that can be drawn from collaborative processes, both internal and external.

Web visibility and e-commerce

We help you set up and maintain a global web visibility (website, social networks, web marketing, etc.) and study the best opportunities to enhance your activity through online sales solutions, online service platforms etc.

Communication and marketing

From the definition of your visual identity to the creation of your institutional, advertising and packaging documents, our team of designers will help you create or improve your brand image, and highlight it on the web, the press and other means.

We also provide overall communication advisory, to explore new ways to improve your relations with all of your partners (employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, etc. ) through communication.