Analysis and design

OJC Consulting provides each project with an in-depth analysis and rigorous design, making the features provided by your applications and their integration with your processes and other information systems as effective as possible.

Functional analysis and specifications

A successful functional analysis takes into account the needs of all stakeholders and integrate external and internal constraints.
Our engineers analyze and define with you a detailed list of business requirements and functional specifications for your project.

Deployment plan and phasing

Maximize the return on your investment

Dividing a project into phases and building an optimized deployment plan allows your company to benefit from new systems earlier, while fully mastering the transformation.

OJC Consulting conducts for you a precise analysis of the organizational, technical and human constraints of your project, and helps you plan all the actions you will need to take to achieve a quick and successful deployment.

Detailed design

Leave nothing to chance, secure the implementation

The success of your project requires a rigorous design, making full use of the technologies implemented, and its control over the long term requires precise and complete documentation.

OJC Consulting helps you create a precise design of your project, and formalizes with you, or for you, detailed specifications that will constitute a solid frame for the implementation phase.