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IT & Software

Software engineering is at the heart of OJC Consulting's identity, and we are in daily contact with your clients.

Rely on us to increase your productivity, consolidate your offer and deploy your solutions.

Technology advisory

Move to cloud and mobile apps

Our engineers know the technologies that can best help your teams transition to cloud and mobile development. Whether it is to migrate existing products to the cloud, to get started with a new prototype developmentn or to bring more maturity to your Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), you can rely on our consultants to get valuable advice on the technologies most suited to your needs.

Subcontracting and co-development

We are always happy to jump in exciting projects and team up with your developers of project managers to deliver a product that will lead the market. Depending at which stage of your project you are, we can take part in market analysis, design, technical architecture, and implementation.

Maths and data-mining

Your applications are powerful and must deal with complex problems: whether it is operations research, signal processing or statistical analysis, there is certainly a fast and efficient mathematical solution!

In partnership with See-d, a company specializing in mathematics, we analyze your problem, study the best ways to solve it, then offer you an algorithm that can be easily integrated into your application.


Your job is to design and develop your products, not to mobilize resources on issues specific to your customers. Yet it is the satisfaction of your customers that makes your success, and you must ensure that each deployment goes perfectly.

This is why we suggest you entrust us with your customer projects: from the suitability study, the design of the configuration and the deployment plan, to the configuration and possible development of interfaces, we can take care of all. Our experience and our reputation speak for us: we have never failed a project!


Have you ever thought about the potential of users represented by platforms such as Tradeshift or Hana Cloud Platform? Have you ever thought that the power of your application lies more in the processing it performs than in the way it is made available to your users? If so, then we can study with you the opportunities that would represent a sevicialization of your application, to make it directly invocable by platforms already deployed to thousands of customers.

If instead your strength lies in your user base and your UI, but you feel limited in your ability to integrate new features, then ask one of our consultants for a little analysis: you may find that there are out-of-the-box services that your app can use to do much more for your users. The advantage: you don't have to manage the maintenance and evolution of these services.