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Measuring profitability, adapting to the economical context, setting goals and giving your company the means to achieve them: the success of your business requires the constant leadership and supervision of the finance department.

OJC Consulting helps you to manage your activities with accuracy and responsiveness, and to get your entire business to adopt processes in line with your financial objectives.

Decision-making and management control

Our experts in reporting and data mining help you select and implement the solutions that will allow you efficiently consolidate, analyze, and interpret figures available to all parts of your company.

We provide a range of turnkey solutions that meet the precise requirements of management control, for example promoting collaborative work with the managers of profit and cost centers, the sharing of concise and intelligible dashboards with managers, etc.

Accounts payable

Operative costs are a decisive element of your company's profitability, and the savings opportunities that can be found in purchasing and procurement are often underestimated. By combining better spend analysis, advanced source-to-pay (S2P) solutions, and improved supplier relationships, we help you optimize your spend and draw profitability from your accounts payable. All this while also securing your supply chain and improving the quality of your supplies!


This may seem secondary in the activity of a finance department, but the presentation of reports, whether internal or intended to be made public, must be up to the brand image of your company.

OJC is one of few service companies combining in one team:

The combination of these skills guarantees you clear and relevant infographics, and the creation of internal or public activity reports strictly respecting your graphic charter while highlighting your data and their meaning.


World leader in cash managementKyriba  is a secure cloud solution that facilitates the consolidation of bank statements, automates financial transactions and helps manage currency risks. 

OJC Consulting supports Kyriba in the deployment of its solution in Northern Europe (UK, Germany, Nordics) and Switzerland.

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