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Information Technology

OJC Consulting is primarily composed of experienced software engineers and IT consultants. We have been able to bring together specialized and complementary skills, and can bring you a broad support, from need analysis to software development, and to IT infrastructure.

Technology consulting

We provide support and expetise in the selection and implementation of technologies related to the development of web and mobile applications. We help you put in place the best practices, methodologies and tools for your application lifecycle management (ALM) and project management (PM), in order to improve the scalability, the maintainability and the sustainability of your applications.

Project management

By supporting key users and functional project managers, we help you to better satisfy them. Thanks to our dual business and technical culture, we are ideally placed to facilitate dialogue between the user and implementation sides of your projects, and can efficiently help them in areas such as:

Our main focus is on the satisfaction of all parties and the set up of a constructive dynamic that will allow your project teams to move forward efficiently and quickly make your investments profitable.


Since our creation in 2007 we have always been involved in cloud solutions integration for very large companies: we can help you set up collaborative applications that will allow you to efficiently manage activities and processes spread over many locations, thus ensuring a streamlined and coordinated efficacy accross your group.

With an expertise both functional and technical we can help at every stage of the project, from need analysis to final deployment.

Here are some examples of our areas of expertise:

Do not hesitate to contact us to ask us more specifically if we can help you.

Development of bespoke applications

We design and develop web and mobile applications that uniquely fit your needs. Our experts in new technologies (HTML5, WebRTC, responsive design, ...) help you imagine and deploy applications that are both innovative and intuitive, and work on all platforms.

For cloud applications, we rely on our automated testing platform to reduce the time spent on testing.