Your industry


Our expertise in corporate purchasing (B2B) and e-commerce (B2C) allows us to support you throughout your activity, from the organization of your supplies and your supplier relationships, to the implementation of modern and integrated sales processes.

Communication and webmarketing

Our team of designers support you in your web, paper or in-store communications, from the creation of visual identities and original graphic universes, to implementation (creation of website or mailing campaigns, printed or POS material).

Our web and social network consultants help you gain visibility by setting up a structured and effective web marketing strategy, and measuring its impacts.

Sales and Customer relationships

Reaching a large clientele and establishing a lasting relationship requires modern, multi-channel communication and marketing tools. In addition to pure communication, we help you design new ways to connect and market.

In particular, we explore the opportunities that synergies between your physical and online presence can offer you. From the "web 2 store" (online sales and in-store pickup) to the showroom / online sales link, we work with you to study the most appropriate methods to reach your targets.

And because we have our own software engineering team, we can create original web and mobile applications for you that meet both your customers' needs and your business goals.


We help you improve your processes and set up solutions giving you greater control over your supplies: