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Blue chip company

Since 2007, OJC Consulting supports large corporations in the design and implementation of information systems, espcially in spend management, supply chain and reporting solutions.

We also develop custom tailored solutions to address specific needs not covered by the market, and assist marketing departments with web and communication tools.

Information systems consulting

The processes and information systems of a large organization are constantly changing. OJC Consulting helps you build a development plan aiming at maximizing the operational efficiency of your business and reduce your overall IT costs.


Our approach is based on a functional analysis and favors a global vision, not centered on a single function of the company. Through a study of processes, tools and actors, we identify the improvements that can be made in the following areas:

Master plan

We thus help you to identify the objectives to be achieved and to define a master plan to drive transformation while controlling its impacts. We study with you how to leverage collaboration in this transformation, and how to set up, when possible, co-management processes allowing the different departments of your group to carry projects together.

Integration and application development

We are experts in systems integration, and can support you in process engineering, solution design, project management and implementation.

Our team of engineers can also design and develop specific management applications and web portals or mobile applications for your partners and clients. 

Spend management

We have helped deploy spend management solutions in more than thirty large European and North-American groups (including Ikea, Bell, Sagemcom, GKN, Thales, Smiths etc.). Since 2007 we have been the main partner of IVALUA in Europe, and are also certified partner and reseller of COUPA and CORCENTRIC.

What makes OJC Consulting special is our ability to take on projects in their entirety: from the audit of your purchasing function to the configuration of the solution, including the analysis of the need, the choice of the best solution, design and change management.


We support large groups in ad hoc communication actions: creation of visual identity for an event or a product, design of brochures or packaging, event websites, and support on social networks.