OJC Consulting supports you in defining and monitoring your communication actions, whether internal or external. Our services are usually mobilized in articulation with organizational or system changes, but are as applicable to a much broader scope!

Communication strategy

For your internal, external or event communication, we study the messages to convey and the targets to be reached, and develop with you an operational strategy by:

Depending on its scope, we can take charge of the entire campaign, or help you manage the project and drive the execution.

Web and social media intelligence

Our specialized staff support you in the selection and implementation and use of monitoring and analysis tools that will allow you to measure the efficiency of your communication actions and identify trends that need to be taken into account in your strategy. 

Leveraging your data

to build a value-creating communication strategy

The deployment of business applications requires careful thought on how to communicate the information they handle.
We offer to help you, through communication, to create value from the data managed by your information systems. Acquired or produced by the various departments of your organization, this data can be wisely exploited and communicated through dedicated portals or targeted actions, in order to strengthen synergies with your internal or external partners. For this we study:

It is not only a question of exploiting the potential represented by the information capitalized by your company, but of streamlining and facilitating relations between the various players through relevant and intelligible information flows.