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Ivalua is a spend management suite covering a large functional scope, including full Source-to-paySRM, Procurement and spend analysis

OJC Consulting is the #1 partner of IVALUA in Europe, and has helped more than 20 big corporations deploy the IVALUA spend management suite since 2007, in all sectors and industries. 

Ivalua solutions

Ivalua allows full control of spend, from suppliers sourcing to invoicing and payments. Thanks to a complete unified suite that can easilly be implemented by international corporations, while complying with the local or sector specificities, IVALUA guarantees an improved risk management, an uncompared efficiency in supplier sourcing and negociations, and the automation of your procurement chain.

Its reporting features offer you a 360° vision of your spend and purchasing processes.

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OJC Consulting & Ivalua

OJC Consulting helps you get the most out of Ivalua

OJC Consulting handles all the phases of your project:

OJC Consulting advantages

End-to-end tailored support. Each project is managed by a team of consultants and engineers who are able to design the solution, from business processes to system interfaces, and to configure Ivalua to fit the client's business and IT.

Reliable and robust methodology. With a proven expertise in project management and a robust methodology, OJC Consulting guarantees that deadlines and budgets are met, as well as clients's regulatory requirements. We use an automated testing platform specially designed for the Ivalua platform and developed by OJC.

"Since 2007, Ivalua is working closely with OJC Consulting on strategic projects in France and abroad. We are involving them on several key accounts and their support is highly appreciated by our customers."

Franck Lheureux, Chief Revenue Officer, Ivalua

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Project examples

Each project undertaken by OJC starts with a thorough analysis to assess the most effective way to use the Ivalua suite and integrate it with other IT systems.

Below is a selection of cases demonstrating the flexibility and scalability of the Ivalua procurement suite which OJC has used to address specific client requirements.

Give the sales department access to purchase price variations

OJC has developed a module for an automotive supplier which tracks purchase price variations and information used by the sales department. Combined with data from ERP systems, the information is also used by management to assess the impact of such changes to the overall performance of the group.

Interface with ERP systems to automate the use of negotiated prices

Interfaces between the Ivalua procurement suite and ERP systems are commonly used by the purchasing department to monitor production costs. But it can also help them control the accuracy of purchase prices. OJC worked with a global electronic manufacturer to automate the transmition of the negotiated prices to their SAP system.

B2B Marketplace

OJC worked with a UK customer to develop a multi client marketplace facilitating the collaboration between thousands of clients and hundreds of suppliers using the Ivalua procurement suite. Automated processes have been designed and implemented to centralise all financial transactions and consolidate payments for clients and suppliers.

Product certification control

OJC worked with a world leader in building material to integrate product certification management functionality into the standard catalogue feature and give them the ability to control compliance of the articles with relevant industrial norms. A collaborative platform was implemented to let third party companies specify which norms are required for each commodity and to let suppliers upload the required supporting compliance documents.

Direct access for suppliers to the status of their invoices

OJC worked with an automotive supplier to deliver a customised version of the supplier portal which enables the financial department to communicate invoices status and forecasted payment schedules to their suppliers in real time.