About OJC Consulting

Founded in 2007, OJC provides consulting and services in software design, configuration and integration. Based in France, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, the USA and Canada, we work mainly on international projects, and partner with best-in-class software vendors.

Recognized for their expertise and valued for their analysis and technical skills, our engineers and consultants are involved in many strategic projects for major industrial and service companies, with a constant focus on the methodology, quality and customer satisfaction.

Our team of consultants

OJC is made up of dedicated, highly skilled individuals, with our engineers being experienced graduates from top IT engineering schools. Versatility is at the heart of OJC’s identity, epitomised by a team made up of individuals who display strong functional, technical, and organisational skills. The team’s adaptability and experience mean we are able to undertake end to end management of a project (project management, design, implementation) with a small, focused and talented group of full time employees.

Our growth

OJC is experiencing a rapid growth and is hiring and expanding to meet an increasing demand, both in France and abroad (mainly UK, Germany, Sweden and USA).