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Coupa has met with spectacular success and in just a few years has become the world's leading purchasing management application.

OJC Conseil, Coupa's partner in France, can help you activate, configure and deploy this solution.

"Value As A Service"

Saas stands for "software as a service" and refers to cloud applications, marketed as annual subscriptions. But Coupa offers a platform and support that allows you to create value through collaborative management and integration with your suppliers: this is "Value as a service".

From supplier prospecting and negotiation to supplier relationship management and procurement and invoicing, Coupa brings value to your business at every stage, and thanks to its unique business model, your investment pays off almost immediately.

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Coupa covers the entire S2P ("Source to Pay") :

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Unanimous recognition by analysts

COUPA has been deployed with great success thanks to a strategy, functionalities and ergonomics that have been unanimously praised by specialized analysis firms.

To name but a few:

Forrester (P2P indirect purchases)

PayStreams (expense report management)

Gartner (P2P suites)

Note: The analyst reports and visual clips presented here are the property of their respective authors. Reports should be obtained through authorized distribution channels (such as for the latest Gartner report).

Open Business Network

Coupa makes communication with suppliers easier and more efficient. Your key suppliers are already registered on the Open Business Network platform, which allows you to exchange orders, invoices, and other documents with them from the first day of activation of your Coupa solution, and to invite them to bid on tenders or online auctions.

And because access to the Open Business Network is completely free for suppliers, you can offer these new means of communication to all your suppliers, and achieve a much higher adoption rate than competing solutions!

Coupa Advantage

Take advantage of exceptional conditions, negotiated by Coupa for all its customers, on many categories of purchases, and save money from the first day of using the Coupa solution!



COUPA provides many native integration points with SAP and supports several integration formats:

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