Washington D.C., from 2 to 4 May 2022

OJC Consulting invites you to come and discover IVALUA during two exceptional days in the American capital!

A hybrid event (physical and virtual) reserved for professional working from the Purchasing, Finance and IT functions.

You cannot participate on these dates? Come to the Europe edition from April 5 to 6, 2022!

Come and gain your competitive advantage!

OJC Consulting invites you to come and meet IVALUA and its partners during a unique hybrid event!

In person at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center or virtually, come and discuss new purchasing trends with our teams and hear testimonials from customers with successful experiences in digital spend management


Ivalua is a cloud purchasing management solution. Qualified as a leader by GartnerForrester and Spend Matters. Ivalua is currently used by more than 300 large companies worldwide and has one of the most complete and flexible solutions on the market.

The IVALUA platform

A flexible and complete solution to manage all your expenses and suppliers!


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Registration is open to purchasing & supply chain professionals and finance professionals.


OJC & IVALUA in the USA and Canada


OJC Consulting, already number 1 in IVALUA integration in Europe, has been taking part in numerous American and Canadian projects since 2016. With offices in Rockville (near Washington DC) and Montreal (Quebec), OJC generates nearly a quarter of its revenue on North American projects.

OJC Consulting's international team of more than 80 consultants has successfully completed Ivalua projects in Europe and North America.


Day 1 - 02/05/2022

07.00pm: Opening Night Reception at the National Portrait Gallery

Day 2 - 28/04/2021

08.00am: Breakfast & Networking
CEO Keynote
CPO Keynote
Customer Keynote - Honeywell
Customer Keynote - BVULGARI
Innovation Showcase
12.35am: Innovation Day Lunch & Networking
01.50pm: Breakout Sessions
02.35pm: Breakout Sessions
03.20pm: Coffee/Snack Break
03.50pm: Breakout Sessions
04.35pm: Celebrity Keynote
07.00pm: Rooftop Reception at the International Spy Museum

Day 3 - 25/03/2021

08.00am: Breakfast & Networking
Roadmap Sessions
Customer Lunch & Awards
Customer Roundtables
Closing Comments



You cannot participate on these dates? Come to the Europe edition from April 27 to 29, 2021!

The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center

 Ivalua Now Washington 2020

The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center is where Ivalua Now 2022 is taking place. A majestic venue that hosts powerful events throughout the year. Located in the heart of Washington D.C., between the White House and the Capitol, the facility is an exceptional venue!

National Portrait Gallery 

Ivalua Now participants are invited to the opening night party at the National Portrait Gallery on Monday evening (May 2) at 7pm.