Automate Ivalua tests

The Ivalua solution is evolving quickly and gives its customers and partners exceptional freedom and power of configuration.
This is why we have developed a test platform dedicated to Ivalua projects, which reduces the time spent on tests by 70 to 90%, while improving their coverage rate.

The advantages of the OJC platform

Test cases can be run with one click, and in minutes. You can launch a complete battery of non-regression tests at any time.

A Securely access the results of all your tests, recent or old, and follow the evolution of the quality of your platform.
Screenshots are taken at each step of the process, keeping a pictureof your application at various stages of its evolution. These screenshots can also be used for your user documentation.

The execution of the tests is documented and produces precise reports that you can present in project meetings and steering committees.
By spending more time on scenario design, and less time on testing, you increase the quality and overall coverage of your tests.

"Test Driven Design"

Thanks to our platform, we offer you to write the test scenarios from the beginning of the project.

Thinking early enough about the test scenarios you are going to realize allows you to better detect some particular cases, and to express more clearly your functional needs. It also allows you to have time to build test data sets and to implement ready-to-use automated scenarios from the first delivery of your application!

Over 100 ready-to-use functions

P2P, Sourcing, SRM, Reporting, ... our test platform includes many functions for all Ivalua modules, covering:

User interface: check the placement and properties of the UI controls, test selectors, validate input constraints, etc.
Access rights: check menus, screens and fields displayed for each profile, make sure that a page is inaccessible even when typing in the URL directly, test the organizational and purchase perimeter, etc
Processes: end-to-end testing of key processes such as creating and approving a new supplier, creating and publishing a tender, placing an order, reconciling an invoice, etc.
Workflows: often numerous and complex, the validation workflows are usually difficult to test because they involve multiple players and can produce many different situations. Our test platform makes it possible to simulate all these actors and their different actions.
Data interfaces: ensure that the expected data is present after an import, validate the structure and content of an exported file, check the status of jobs and ETLs.

All these functions can be associated and configured to build test cases, which in turn are combined into scenarios perfectly suited to your project. You can then run these scenarios on your different environments, with different browsers, and with different sets of test data.

For more information

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