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Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution that provides all departments of companies-including marketing, sales, customer service-with a unified view of customers on an integrated platform.

Through the Salesforce x OJC Consulting partnership, we provide you with personalized experiences and powerful connected tools to improve your sales, services, IT, partner and more.

Salesforce solutions

Salesforce offers 3 major solutions adapted to your needs and enabling you to innovate, develop, and optimize your business in a sustainable manner.

Sales Cloud solution

Sales Cloud lets everyone on the sales team see and share all the pertinent customer information, giving reps everything they need to close a deal. AI-driven prompts let you know when it’s the best time to take a specific action to drive a deal forward.

Service Cloud solution

Because your support team can see all your customers information, team members can better deliver those essential surprise-and-delight moments. And big issues get resolved faster with cross-company case swarming.

Marketing Cloud solution

With the Marketing Cloud solution, create personalized relationships through all channels, and in mobility: emails, web, social networks, connected objects... Organize, follow your campaigns and exploit all the data collected during interactions with customers to offer them more targeted content, personalized and in line with their needs.

OJC Consulting & Salesforce

OJC Consulting handles all the phases of your project:

OJC Consulting can help you find and implement the various modules and plugins of the Salesforce solution that best suit your needs, your objectives and your business sector.

OJC Consulting advantages

End-to-end tailored support. Each project is managed by a team of certified Salesforce consultants who are able to design the solution, from business processes to system interfaces, and to configure Salesforce to fit the client's context and IT.

Reliable and robust methodology. With a proven expertise in project management and a robust methodology, OJC Consulting guarantees that deadlines and budgets are met, as well as clients' regulatory requirements.

Change Management for your transformation projects. OJC Consulting facilitates the evolution and adoption of your Salesforce solution and sales processes, allowing your company to achieve :

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Industries Salesforce works with

Disintermediation, new business models, connected objects, predictive intelligence... The business environment is changing and innovation is becoming a major competitive advantage. Salesforce has built a platform to help you quickly adapt to your customers and succeed in your business transformation.

Salesforce solutions are created with industry experts to help you modernize your business, save time and reduce costs.

Banking and Insurance
Salesforce helps financial services companies conquer new territories by putting the customer at the heart of their business.

Retail and Distribution
Customers are demanding a unified, seamless shopping experience. Stores are transforming into showrooms, parcel relays, and meeting places.

Manufacturing industry
3D printers, new uses and business models, transformation of manufacturing processes, distribution and supply chains: the sector is in full mutation.

Media and telecommunications
Salesforce helps media and telecommunications companies unify customer data, understand their audiences, innovate, and capitalize on new revenue streams.

Automotive and transportation
New business models, increased competition, electric, connected, and even autonomous vehicles, energy and environmental constraints, the sharing economy, and more. The transportation sector must evolve to meet the expectations of tomorrow.