Europe, 23-25 March 2021

With OJC Consulting, come and discover IVALUA during an exceptional virtual event reserved for the actors of Purchasing, Finance and IT functions.

A privileged opportunity to meet experts and discover the latest IVALUA products.

You cannot participate on these dates? Come to the Americas edition from April 27 to 29, 2021!

OJC Consulting invites you to IVALUA NOW VIRTUAL EUROPE

Come and meet IVALUA and OJC Consulting during a unique virtual event! You will be able to discover the latest technologies, practices and strategies in the Purchasing sector.

These three days will also be an opportunity to exchange with opinion leaders present and to hear testimonials from clients with a successful experience in digital spend management. Come and gain your competitive advantage!


Ivalua is a cloud purchasing management solution. Qualified as a leader by Gartner, Forrester and Spend Matters. Ivalua is currently used by more than 300 large companies worldwide and has one of the most complete and flexible solutions on the market.

IVALUA Solution

The most complete spend solution of the market

The Ivalua solution is a complete, unified suite, covering the entire procurement process:

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Registration is only for Procurement, Financial and IT Professionals.


OJC historical partner

A partner of Ivalua since 14 years, OJC Consulting is the number 1 Ivalua integration partner in Europe and has deployed 50 projects for major industrial and service groups.

OJC Consulting's international team of more than 80 consultants has successfully completed Ivalua projects in Europe and North America.


Day 1 - 23/03/2021

1.45pm : Opening & Welcome
1.55pm : CEO Keynote
2.20pm :
Inspiring Keynote : Natacha Tréhan (PhD)
3.00pm :
Rolls Royce Keynote : David Loseby
3.25pm :
Networking Time
3.45pm : Breakout session 1, 2 et 3
4.15pm : Networking Time
4.35pm : Breakout session 4, 5 et 6
5.15pm : Danske Bank Keynote : Taid Qazi
5.40pm :

Day 2 - 24/03/2021

1.45pm : Opening & Welcome
1.55pm : 
Market Trends & Product Vision
2.25pm :
Innovation Showcase
3.25pm :
Networking Time
3.55pm : 
Breakout session 7,8 et 9
4.35pm : 
Closing Keynote by Bertrand Piccard
5.00pm :

Day 3 - 25/03/2021

2.00pm : Welcome
2.10pm :
Product Roadmap Upstream - S2C 
2.55pm :
Product Roadmap Downstream - P2P
3.40pm :
Networking Time
4.10pm :
User Groups 
5.10pm :



You cannot participate on these dates? Come to the Americas edition from April 27 to 29, 2021!