Case study


Ensure a reliable supply chain by optimizing the efficiency and competitiveness of catalog purchasing processes

Bravida adopts Ivalua’s solution for its new P2P system, enhancing the efficiency and competitiveness of direct catalog purchases, while integrating environmental responsibility and supplier risk management.

Project objectives

   Replace the catalog-based direct purchasing management system with one that supports the evolution of the procurement strategy.

  Create a centralized set of catalogs for standardized direct purchases, to control costs and secure negotiated prices.

  Optimize the supply chain with automated EDI integrations for reliable exchanges with suppliers.

  Simplify invoice processing through automatic matching with purchase orders and deliveries.



Founded in 2000 following the merger of BPA,a Swedish construction company dating back to the 1920s, with Telenor’s installations division,Bravida operates in the 4 Nordic countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Specialized in a comprehensive range of installation and maintenance services, Bravida assists customers in optimizing their real estate assets, fostering the development of sustainable buildings across various sectors and systems.


Solution deployed & integration

OJC Consulting delivered an end-to-end digital solution with the Ivalua platform, customized to meet the needs of projects in the four Nordic countries.

The solution incorporates advanced catalog data loading planning and strong data synchronization with Bravida’s systems, ensuring consistent information and better decision-making.

The customized "Shell PO" process facilitates flexible ordering - for pick-up, by phone, or suppliers web shop - improving accessibility and flexibility.

Price optimization functionality ensures the best offers on available contracts, generating significant savings.

An advanced invoice reconciliation mechanism has been implemented, alongside the development of an intuitive mobile interface, for more efficient purchasing management and improved responsiveness on worksites.

The success of this project has been built on a staggered launch and change management strategy in each country, to ensure a smooth transition and successful adoption by users.

EDI integrated P2P

Results & benefits

   Leveraging Ivalua’s standard functionalities with custom processes including “Shell PO” and price optimization.

   Robust EDI integration with 95% of catalog suppliers and advanced invoice matching mechanism.

   Secure master data synchronization and logistical constraint management through multiple systems integration.


Shell PO process