Case Study


Monitor and optimize your purchasing with a comprehensive CPO dashboard

Procurement departments face complex challenges to properly monitor and manage contracts, negotiations, supplier risk and procurement performance.

A strategic analytics dashboard designed and implemented by OJC aggregates data and highlights key performance indicators (KPIs) for more effective steering of all purchasing actions and actors.

Group challenges

   Identify bottlenecks by quickly detecting blocked workflows and alerting managers.

   Reduce approval cycle time for a more prompt response to market demands.

   Analyze trends by product/service category to reshape supply and demand forecasting.

   Monitor supplier performance enhanced tracking and response times to possible issues.

   Fine-tune visibility of backorders for more streamlined operations.

   Enhance the accuracy and completeness of transactional data for comprehensive reporting and informed decision making.


Our client is an instrumental financial institution in the US mortgage market. It facilitates access to home ownership by guaranteeing and purchasing mortgages, enabling lenders to free up funds for new loans.

It’s with this key role that the institution contributes to the stability of the real estate market and the affordability of housing for countless individuals.


Solution deployed

The Ivalua platform offers a robust solution for data processing and interactive analytical visualization tools.

The result is a focused, user-friendly dashboard offering a real-time, unified view of purchasing process metrics (from contract to spend management, supplier performance and more) with the ability to shift views from measures in reports to more granular transactional data.


OJC built a series of enhanced KPI and PBI charts by configuring specific dimensions, measures and indicators in the Ivalua solution.

Our client can now immediately access a global view of its purchasing and make informed, timely decisions based on reliable contract management, spend, and supplier data. This integration has completely elevated overall procurement management. Collaboration between OJC and the client, supported by continuous feedback, led to a well-executed, successful implementation.



Central supply chain cockpit for the CPO.

  Exhaustive data to initiate actions.

  Intuitive experience for managers and employees thanks to direct access to sector indicators.

  Quicker identification of supplier delays and risks, etc.

  Increased capacity for in-depth analysis of macro metrics.